‘Tis the season for warmer weather adventure and racing! Many of you have been working over the past several months on improving your energy efficiency with a combination of smart nutrition and training strategies. You’ve been targeting your personalized zones utilizing the Metabolic Profile results determined from testing earlier at Real Rehab to optimize burning fat, and improving power/speed for your goal pace. Let’s face it, you are feeling great, and ready to rock your event! So, how do you polish up your race strategy, not undermine the efficiency you have worked so hard for, and ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible on event day? How do you put aside doubt about what and how much to eat for YOUR event? By doing Race Day Nutrition Metabolic Test!

Why test? To dispel the myths and determine YOUR individual needs. One of the things that we see athletes get the most confused or nervous about is race or event day nutrition. Let’s touch on a few fads that you may find out there about event day nutrition on coach Google…

  • High carb- Many recommendations say you need to take in anywhere from 300-500 calories per hour of simple carbohydrates, or up to 5000 calories for an Ironman race, usually in the form of sports drinks and gels. How about a 15 serving “flask” to ensure you never run out of precious carbs to propel you to stardom!
  • High calorie- Simply anything that can give you energy. We see this on the race course aid stations all the time. Athletes often think that it the race is serving it, it must be good to eat or drink.
  • Train low, race high- This means that you do all of your training on a low carb diet, and race with high carb supplementation.
  • High fat- Some of the new sports nutrition products out there are now containing fat, and high fat homemade energy snacks are very popular. How about chowing an avocado or chugging copious amounts of MCT oil during your race?
  • Low calorie. Bragging rights for the lowest calorie race? A new and scary fad that we are hearing more and more often. Can one do entire Ironman or ultra-marathon on nothing? May be possible, but should you??
  • Other supplements- BCAA’s, electrolytes, b-vitamins, cordyceps, caffeine, algae, superstarch? So many different compounds, it can get overwhelming!

While determining specific nutrient supplements may take some trial and error to evaluate benefits (or detriments), Race Day Nutrition Metabolic Test can help you to dial in how much and what type of energy supplementation is needed on race day.