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Join Real Rehab Sports + Physical Therapy for another round of Core Catalyst!

When? Sept 30 – Nov 20th (Mondays and Wednesdays from 6:30pm until 7:40pm)

What? A one hour, interval-style class designed and led by physical therapists. This is an ideal setting to allow for form correction, exercise modification and injury prevention to maximize individual results. This 16 session progressive exercise class emphasizes dynamic functional movement patterns to promote core strength to improve sport and daily life performance. The class is perfect for athletes of all levels as well as those looking to transition from rehab to individual workout plans.
Past participants increased their core strength on average by 50%!
Unlock YOUR core potential!

How Much? $319 + tax

Who? Anyone who is able to do the following without pain:

1.       Basic bridge without pain

2.       Plank, full or on knees, for at least 30 seconds

3.       Side plank, full or on knees, for at least 15 seconds

4.       Push-up, full or on knees, 10 repetitions

5.       Double leg squat with hip hinge

6.       Single leg squat (can be toe touch on opposite leg) with hip hinge, 10 repetitions

7.       Jump squat without pain, 10 repetitions

8.       Hopping without pain

To Register call the office at 206 706 7500.