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Return to Performance for the Postpartum Athlete

Are you postpartum and ready to build yourself into a badass athlete?

Physical therapists Catherine Nutting and Deb Scheibe have teamed up with personal trainer Ren Caldwell of Strive & Uplift to create the Return to Performance program for the postpartum athlete!

The Return to Performance program is more complete from start to finish than other programs out there and is designed to fit into dynamic lives by delivering…

  • Robust research-based education and additional self-treatments that can help you build your foundation for stronger performance.
  • Guidance on scar assessment and massage, improving posture, and training efficient movement mechanics.
  • Workouts that can be modified for shorter or longer time frames,

Benchmark/goal-based advancement to meet you where you are and help you build from there

Click here for more information and signup instructions