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The cycling evaluation is designed for recreational and competitive cyclists who experience discomfort during cycling or for those who would like to improve performance/efficiency.  The process consists of comprehensive biomechanical evaluations performed off the bike and on the bike. Road, mountain, track, triathlon, cyclocross specific fits are available in order to optimize the body to bike relationship for maximal comfort and power while taking into consideration individual goals, skills and equipment. Individual analysis may include the following:

  • Foot/cleat positioning
  • Saddle fit/adjustment
  • Cockpit positioning (handlebars/stems)
  • Crank Length
  • Individualized stretching and strengthening activities
  • Spin efficiency drills or other cycling skills

Are you suffering from pain or discomfort that is affecting your ability to ride? Have you sustained an injury and are trying to return to cycling?

Click here for information regarding our Biomechanical Bike Fitting Service.

Are you an accomplished cyclist, but just can’t seem to reach that next level? Or are you new to cycling and trying to decide if spending time in the saddle is simply supposed to be uncomfortable?

Click here for information regarding our Performance Bike Fitting Service.

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