Biomechanical Bike Fitting

Every cyclist is unique. How you are positioned on a bike can mean the difference between experiencing your full cycling potential or fighting inefficiency or discomfort and risking painful injuries. If you experience pain while cycling we offer Biomechanical Bike Fits to return you to pain-free cycling for health and wellness benefits.

  • All Bike Fits are performed by a physical therapist who understands the demands cycling places on the body and who has received extensive training in fitting education and cycling performance
  • Road, mountain, track, triathlon, cyclocross specific fits available to optimize your body to bike relationship for maximal comfort and power

Biomechanical Bike Fit:

  • Perfect for the rider who is recovering from a musculoskeletal injury and is seeking to improve comfort, reduce injury risk and enhance cycling efficiency. This service maybe covered by health insurance in accordance to the appropriate physical therapy diagnosis. Appointments are scheduled in 1-hour increments and usually require 2-3 appointments to allow for completion of the biomechanical assessment and appropriate modifications.
  • Knee pain, back pain, hip pain, foot pain, shoulder pain, hand numbness, foot numbness, perineal pain/numbness, neck pain – these are common complaints of cyclists but are not normal. A biomechanical bike fit can help alleviate these issues.
  • Get back to cycling, painfree!

What can you expect with a Biomechanical Bike Fit?

  • A brief off bike physical assessment of flexibility, lower extremity and core strength, balance and leg length related to cycling position
  • An on bike analysis of posture, pedaling efficiency, seat/cleat/handle bar positions and crank length
  • Video analysis of cycling mechanics
  • Appropriate changes to the bike and foot-pedal interface to address any injuries or areas of concern
  • Individualized stretching and strengthening recommendations for improvements in cycling efficiency and personal health
  • Spin efficiency drills or other cycling skills recommendations as deemed appropriate to enhance efficiency and performance

At the conclusion of your session you will receive a handout which includes the adjustments made to your bike, any applicable equipment change recommendations and suggestions on exercises to address any strength, positional or mobility deficits that may impact your cycling comfort or efficiency.

In addition, we may recommend one or a combination of the following services to best serve your needs:

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