Performance Cycling

Are you an accomplished cyclist, but just can’t seem to reach that next level? Or are you new to cycling and trying to decide if spending time in the saddle is simply supposed to be uncomfortable? You probably had a bike fit when you purchased your bike, but how specific was the fit to your body and your cycling goals? Do you know how to ride? Every cyclist is unique and riding well is more than simply making the wheels go around. How you are positioned on the bike and how you pedal can mean the difference between experiencing your full cycling potential or fighting inefficiency and potential injury. Whether you would like to optimize your cycling potential, improve your power, avoid injury or simply ride with comfort a Performance Cycling Analysis may be right for you. Our Performance Cycling Analysis was designed by physical therapists who not only have extensive training in bike fitting, coaching and cycling performance, but who also have years of time in the saddle, both for competition and recreation. This combination creates an unmatched understanding of the demands cycling places on the body and the skills to assess YOUR cycling postures and mechanics to assist you in achieving optimal performance and comfort. What can you expect from a Performance Cycling Analysis?
  • A review of your medical and cycling history with a thorough off bike physical assessment of your flexibility, lower extremity and core strength, balance and posture in order to identify any restrictions or deficits that may impact your cycling potential
  • An on-bike analysis of posture, pedaling efficiency, seat/cleat/handle bar positions and crank length
  • Video analysis of your cycling mechanics to identify any problems areas that may need to be addressed
  • Appropriate adjustments to your bike and the foot-pedal interface to reduce injury risk and improve efficiency and comfort
  • Recommendations on individualized strengthening and stretching activities for improvements in cycling efficiency and personal health
  • Cycling skills recommendations as deemed appropriate to enhance performance and efficiency
  • A handout which includes the adjustments made to your bike, any applicable equipment change recommendations and suggestions on exercises to address any strength, positional or mobility deficits that may impact you cycling comfort or efficiency
The Performance Cycling Analysis is appropriate for road, cyclocross, triathlon, track and mountain cyclists of all ages and experience level who are NOT suffering from an acute injury. This is not a physical therapy evaluation and should you require treatment for an injury, physical therapy services may be recommended in the course of your analysis. Cost of service: $520 Includes an initial 2-hour assessment and 2 one hour follow up sessions: content based on client needs. This is an excellent option for individuals with multiple bikes or who would like training tips. Additional Options: Assessment Only (2-hour): $280 Additional Follow-up Sessions (one hour): $140 Performance Cycling Analysis Specialists: Izette Swan, DPT Tony Pletcher, DPT
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