Performance Running

Upwards of 16 million Americans run at 3 times/week…are you one of these runners? Are you new to running and need guidance on how to train safely and prevent injury? Or are you pushing your 10th marathon and looking to improve your performance?

Each person has their own unique running ‘footprint.’ Let us help you optimize that ‘footprint’ and ensure that you are not only meeting your potential, but also developing the skills to avoid injury and keep you running for the miles ahead.

The Performance Running Analysis was designed by physical therapists who understand the demands of running and the importance of assessing each individual runner’s movement mechanics in order to identify the body’s inefficiencies and impairments that may lead to injury or impact performance. Our therapists are avid runners themselves and strongly believe in the importance of education and the need for an individualized approach in helping runners reach their peak

Performance Running Analysis May Entail:

  • In depth review of medical and running history
  • An individual functional movement screen and musculoskeletal evaluation based upon evidence-based screening tools
  • Video analysis of your walking and running movements both barefoot and with shoes using motion capture software to assess key joint angles and motions to identify problem areas in any part of the running/walking cycle
  • Detailed review of the findings including running mechanics, footwear and orthotic considerations and tips for improvements
  • Individualized movement retraining and corrective running drill recommendations
  • General recommendations on exercises to address any strength, flexibility or stability impairments
  • Run training progressions or training consultation as appropriate

Who would benefit from a Performance Running Analysis?
This program is designed for runners of all ages and abilities, whether competitive or recreational, who are interested in discovering their optimal mechanics to improve running performance and prevent injury. Please note this is not a physical therapy evaluation and should you require treatment for an injury, physical therapy services maybe recommended in the course of your evaluation.

Cost of service: $520
Includes an initial 2-hour assessment and 2 one hour follow up sessions: content based on client needs

Additional Options:
Assessment Only (2-hour): $280
Additional Follow-up Sessions (one hour): $140

Performance Running Analysis Specialists: Emily Adelson, DPT and Bethanie Bayha, DPT, OCS

Contact Real Rehab for more information and to let us help you to “Unlock Your Potential and Reach Your Peak.”