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Designed for individuals who experience pain, instability, or difficulty with walking or running or for the recreational and competitive runner who would like to improve running efficiency. The process consists of a thorough analysis of movements captured on video from varying angles and speeds with variations in footwear and/or movement patterns. A biomechanical evaluation including strength, flexibility and joint range of motion may also be performed to determine the cause(s) of any noted movement impairments and to guide treatment decisions or training recommendations.  The analysis may also be used to prevent injury, develop a post-injury strategy, or to enhance your current performance in running, hiking, walking, cycling, rowing, etc. Individual recommendations for accomplishing goals may include:

  • stretching or strengthening exercises or drills
  • activity modification
  • cadence adjustments
  • training schedule
  • appropriate footwear
  • orthotics evaluation
  • formal physical therapy

Is pain, instability or difficulty limiting your ability to walk or run? Do you experience pain running or walking?

Click here for more information regarding our Gait Analysis Services.

Are you new to running and need guidance on how to train safely and prevent injury? Or are you pushing your 10th marathon and looking to improve your performance?

Click here for more information regarding our Performance Running Analysis.

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