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Our hips are the powerhouse of our body and coordinate with our core muscles to connect our upper and lower extremities. Our knees are transition joints that can take the brunt of the impact we put through our body throughout our lifetime. Injuries and pain in either of these joints can slow us down and dramatically limit our activities. Some injuries are traumatic in nature from a quick twist or fall while others are more degenerative in nature and come on slowly over time or even can be off and on over years. In both cases it can be very useful to see a physical therapist. Your physical therapist will work hard to determine the underlying cause of your hip and/or knee pain and will initiate a treatment plan to promote healing of the injured tissues and help you Reach Your Peak!

What is causing my hip and knee pain?

Our hips and knees are intimately coordinated and pain in one area can be indicative of dysfunction in another area. Most hip pain issues are related to some sort of flexibility, strength or coordination deficiency which overtime leads to overuse causing potential bursitis, impingement and pain. Some hip pain can be attributed to radiating symptoms stemming from the low back. Even pregnancy and other pelvic floor issues can result in pain in the hip region. Knee pain can stem from range of motion restrictions, weakness of the muscles stabilizing the hip and ankle, wear and tear and of course, trauma from sports injury all of which can cause damage in the knee joint.  Osteoarthritis typically behaves differently in both joints with symptoms of knee osteoarthritis making itself known earlier than hip osteoarthritis.

How can Real Rehab help treat my pain in my hip or knee?

In the case of traumatic injuries like ACL tears, meniscus tears or cartilage defects, we can assist you with post-surgical rehabilitation or non-operative treatment for these injuries. In the case of more chronic injuries our highly trained therapists will do a thorough evaluation to come up with a personalized treatment plan focused on looking at the entire kinetic chain to determine the appropriate strengthening, mobility and proprioceptive exercises to decrease your pain and get you back to living your life!


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